MindSparke Brain Fitness Pro Review

MindSparke Overview

MindSparke Brain Fitness Pro is a commercial brain training software program that is based on research from the Jaeggi-Buschkuehl dual n-back task, a rather challenging working memory test that contains both visual and auditory cues. Working memory is the ability to hold useful information (new phone numbers, the next steps in a complex task, etc) in your “active” memory. This skill is very important for new learning and awareness.

Brain Fitness Pro leads users through the process of learning the dual n-back task, and then adjusts the level of difficulty based on user performance. Training performance is also tracked so a user can see the level of improvement achieved.

Brain Fitness Pro provides a good foundation for cognitive training for work and academic performance improvement, along with increased attention span in children and adults with ADHD symptoms.

MindSparke also provides a Brain Fitness Pro Jr. version for school age children.

Scientific Research Validation

MindSparke Brain Fitness Pro meets the “gold standard” of research validation – Brain Fitness Pro is a faithful implementation of the original Jaeggi-Buschkuehl dual n-back task that is listed and referenced in several peer reviewed research articles.

MindSparke Pricing

$19 monthly, $159 annual subscription for Brain Fitness Pro (online version)
$64 per license for Brain Fitness Pro Jr for school age children (PC software only)

***New***: MindSparke now offers an online free two week trial. Go to MindSparke Brain Fitness Pro website for additional details.

MindSparke Comments

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