C8 Sciences ACTIVATE Review

C8 Sciences ACTIVATE Overview

C8 Sciences is a cognitive “cross training” product developed by Dr. Bruce Wexler, M.D., a senior research scientist at Yale School of Medicine. C8 Sciences recently re-branded the product offering to the name ACTIVATE.

ACTIVATE is targeted primarily for school age children. ACTIVATE provides a cognitive training platform that exercises eight “core cognitive capacities” (as defined by C8 Sciences) that include sustained attention, response inhibition, speed of information processing, cognitive flexibility, multiple simultaneous attention (more commonly known as divided attention), working memory, category formation, and pattern recognition.

In an interesting twist that provides some differentiation from other brain training programs, ACTIVATE also contains cross training components that include structured physical exercises and social interaction games.

A program designed specifically for ADHD remediation is also offered by C8 Sciences, similar to Cogmed’s Working Memory Training program.

C8 Sciences ACTIVATE Scoring Methodology

ACTIVATE offers an initial cognitive assessment that is based on a subset of the NIH Toolbox tests for neurologic and behavioral function. In subsequent phases of the cognitive training program, C8 Sciences produces a proprietary “Comprehensive Cognition Profile” report to track student progress. Users should note that this proprietary score may not be a useful comparison metric outside of the ACTIVATE environment.

Readers should also consider MindSparke Brain Fitness program as another alternative.

C8 Sciences ACTIVATE Pricing

Consumer pricing for ACTIVATE is split between access to the cognitive training exercises, and access to progress reports. Current pricing for the cognitive training exercises is $195 for three months of access. Current pricing for the progress reports range from $10 to $50 per report. Online coaching is offered through service partners for $100 – $150 per hour.

Readers can also try these free working memory tests and short term memory tests, and save your scores to track memory performance.

C8 Sciences-ACTIVATE User Reviews

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