BrainHQ Review

BrainHQ Overview

BrainHQ is the online brain fitness offering from Posit Science. BrainHQ replaces Posit’s legacy brain training products such as Insight, Brain Fitness Program, and Drive Sharp.

BrainHQ’s exercises focus on attention, memory, brain speed, people skills, navigation, and intelligence. There are hundreds of levels of exercises. Each one automatically adapts to individual skill levels so that you’re always training at a threshold.

BrainHQ makes a series of claims that “people who regularly train with BrainHQ often see tremendous benefits in their lives. We’ve heard stories from all kinds of people about how BrainHQ has done everything from improving their bowling game, to enabling them to get a job, to reviving their creativity, to making them feel more confident about their future.”

So far, BrainHQ has managed to avoid the fate of brain game maker Lumosity, who was fined $2 Million by the FTC for making a range of false and unsubstantiated claims about the effectiveness of its cognitive training programs.

BrainHQ Performance Scoring Methodology

BrainHQ uses a dual metric of age group and percentile rank to track user performance. Note that this dual metric will not be a useful comparison measure outside of the Posit Science BrainHQ program environment.

BrainHQ Pricing

Annual plans cost about $100.

Another brain training site to consider is MindSparke’s Brain Fitness Program.

Readers can also try this free short term memory test, and save your score for comparison with future tests.

BrainHQ User Comments

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