Brain Processing Speed Test

Measure your brain’s processing speed, attention span and focus with these free tests:

Free Cognitive Function & Brain Processing Speed Test

This brain speed test measures cognitive processing speed and attention, with a focus on working memory capacity. The goal is to pass *all tests* at the Beginner Level, and then move to Expert Level when ready.

The goal is to get more points by passing tests with larger spans of numbers or objects. You can also practice in advance with the Digit Span test and Visual Span test.


Brain Processing Speed Test
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You will need 3 minutes of undistracted time.
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The Number Memory Test
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Visual Span Test



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About Processing Speed

Processing speed is the pace at which you take in information, make sense of it, and begin to respond. This information can be visual, like letters and numbers. It can also be auditory, like music or spoken language. Good working memory capacity is important for processing speed.