Review: BrainHQ Posit Science

BrainHQ is the online brain fitness offering from Posit Science. BrainHQ replaces Posit’s legacy brain training products such as Insight, Brain Fitness Program, and Drive Sharp. BrainHQ’s exercises focus on attention, memory, brain speed, people skills, navigation, and intelligence. There are hundreds of levels of exercises. Each one automatically adapts to individual skill levels so… Read More »

Review: Cogmed Working Memory Training

Cogmed is a commercial brain training software program that is based on extensive research and methodologies developed through Sweden’s Karolinska Institute. Cogmed provides several exercises for Working Memory improvement (both auditory and visual) which is important for learning and cognitive performance. Users are guided through about 30 training sessions with the help of a human… Read More »

Review: BrainWare Safari

BrainWare Safari is a commercial brain training product that claims to develop 41 cognitive skills in the areas of attention, memory, visual processing, auditory processing, thinking and sensory integration. The product is designed primarily for the K-12 education market. BrainWare Safari Scoring Methodology BrainWare Safari has a proprietary metric called “Behavioral Rating Scale” to track… Read More »

Review: LearningRx Brain Training

LearningRx is the franchised and fully commercialized version of the PACE (Processing and Cognitive Enhancement) brain training product set developed by Dr Ken Gibson. LearningRx/PACE exercises many important cognitive skills like working memory, auditory & visual processing, divided & selective attention, and executive function. LearningRx repackages the PACE training into the following products: ThinkRx exercises… Read More »