Memory Health Tests for Everyone

What’s Your Memory Score?

Take a free memory test with interesting pictures and find out today.


Curious About Your Brain?

Take the Healthy Brain Test and learn how diet choices, sleep quality, exercise, concussion history, and genetics can affect your brain health.


Memory Improvement Tips

There is a large and growing body of research evidence that confirms these important facts on memory health: Read more on these Five Key Tips for Memory Health


Concussion Symptom Test

Even “minor” concussions can cause long-term health problems, especially when a person has a history of multiple concussions.

Concussion symptoms can include severe headache, balance problems, sensitivity to light and noise, along with sleep problems.

Use this free concussion symptom test to gauge the severity of symptoms and receive a report on best practices for concussion recovery.

Visual Processing Test

Test for spatial and visual processing capacity, based on a popular neuroscience lab project. Remember the sequence of objects that appear in the grid, and then duplicate this sequence.